14 October 2014

"Border War Could Plunge America Into Anarchy"

I present this for your consideration; make of it what you will.

Prophetic Warning: Border War Could Plunge America Into Anarchy

Burning city
Will a threat from our porous Southern border destroy American society? (Flickr/Dominic Alves)
The recent breaches in White House security are not only shocking; they are prophetic. It was revealed that the man who jumped the White House fence did not just make it to the unlocked front door, but actually got inside the White House, and deep inside of it. He was tackled by an off-duty agent who "just happened to be passing by."

This breach into what is considered the most important house in America is a reflection of the breakdown of security for the whole nation. Those whose most basic responsibility is the defense of our country have not done their job. They have left us vulnerable, and our enemies are now pouring through our porous borders.

In the prosecution of a crime, you look for a motive, means and opportunity. Those with the motive to kill Americans and destroy America now have the means and opportunity because of the failure of our government to secure our borders. It does not take a genius or a prophet to know our enemies are not going to let such an opportunity pass by, when our government is leaving the front door open to them, just as the front door of the White House was left open.

We are more vulnerable to terrorist attacks now than we have ever been. We will soon pay a terrible price if this is not addressed with the greatest resolve. The most basic responsibility of the federal government is defense, and the most basic defense of a nation begins with securing its borders. Our government leaders are presently guilty of the most basic dereliction of duty or treason. It must be one or the other.

There's more ... much more. Read the rest to see the author's vision (which he believes to have been divinely inspired) of the coming chaos.

It sounds entirely plausible to me. Make of it what you will. 


JMD said...

I do understand the point of the author but if we can't protect us on the borders then I fail to see the concern for the White House. Just saying.

Rev. Paul said...

JMD, I believe Mr. Joyner was merely using the Secret Service's failure at the White House as an illustration of the bigger failure at the borders.

Corey said...

The link won't work for me It says site unavailable

Corey said...

And now it works
so never mind

Chickenmom said...

Reads just like the book "Stand Your Ground" by William Johnstone.

Rev. Paul said...

Corey - glad it worked.

Chickenmom, it does indeed. Thanks.

ProudHillbilly said...

Hmph. Can't get the link to work. Will try again later.

Rev. Paul said...

PH - sorry, ma'am; it works for me. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

There have already been numerous reports of home invasions as far north as Phoenix by regular Mexican military folk! (usually drug-dealer related)
What, exactly, does it take to get the government's attention?
If the President were Teddy Roosevelt (or even Thomas Jefferson)I don't think I'd be asking these questions!
One time we occupied Mexico City, but we pulled back.
BIG mistake!


Rev. Paul said...

gfa, many of us are aware that Mexico military have been conducting raids into TX & AZ on a regular basis ... and are equally dumbfounded at the lack of official response.