11 October 2014



Brigid said...

That is SO true. I worked with one firm many years ago and we used to joke that their corporate mission statement was "Mistakes will be made, others will be blamed".

Anonymous said...

How did they know about my former workplace?
I worked there almost 22 years, and a significant part of that time someone in corporate decided 'thy shall have weekly meetings', whether appropriate or necessary.
I'm guessing it was the lead article in Management Monthly Magazine!
The guise was 'communication', but the meetings were largely one-directional.
Who knew?


Rev. Paul said...

Brigid, that seems to apply to many, many companies. But I like that statement. :)

Guffaw, you're lucky it was only "weekly". At the investment firm where I worked before moving to Alaska, they had just increased the number of meetings to once or twice daily. And no, nothing was really accomplished thereby.

Keads said...

Yep! It got worse here we at least used to have ham and sausage biscuits in the morning meetings. Now its sticks and twigs to eat as far as I can tell =)

Cathy said...

Dang. I've been so sheltered. Gotta go hug my meeting-beleaguered hubby.

Rev. Paul said...

Kelly, I'm so VERY grateful that I work alone, these days. No meetings, no co-workers ... but also no doughnuts. Hmm.

Cathy, I'm sure he'll appreciate all the hugs he can get. :)

joated said...

This phenomenon is not confined to business. Rather it is true for any organization with a power structure.

As a participant of many faculty meetings over 32 years of teaching, I see many a principal/supervisor/administrator in that little rat and his statement.

Rev. Paul said...

joated, that's very true. Thank you.