24 October 2014

Police Blotter: the Friday Edition

DUI ~ Bar staff reported a highly intoxicated man had just driven away from their bar, and provided a detailed description of both the vehicle and driver. Officers quickly located the driver by following his swerving tire tracks to another bar and contacting him as he stumbled towards the entrance. [name redacted] 25 yoa, was subsequently arrested for Driving under the Influence.

Assistance Rendered ~ Vessel captain requested officer assistance with an intoxicated soon-to-be former employee who was creating a disturbance at the Bobby Storrs boat harbor. Officers ensured that the suspect left the area without incident.
A "soon-to-be former employee" ... heh. 
Suspicious Person/Activity ~ A man with a swollen toe told the officer who stopped him as he was trundling along the roadway that he and his erstwhile companions had liberated a wheelchair from the hotel, to more comfortably enable his return to his vessel. The thief, whose license was suspended, was dispossessed of his stolen wheels and made to walk to his boat. The hotel did not care to pursue charges.
 But that wasn't enough for Mr. Sore Toe ... keep reading. 

Robbery ~ The wheelchair thief, accompanied by his two erstwhile companions, stole a wallet from a taxi driver’s purse and then refused to pay the fare when the driver demanded that he exit the vehicle and return her wallet. The driver had no interest in pursuing charges and wished only to have the cab fare recovered.

Assault ~ Officers responded to a bar regarding a patron who had gone outside and started fighting with people after having been asked to leave. Officers eventually determined that one incoherent and extremely intoxicated man had been fighting with crewmembers who were trying to get him out of the bar and back to his boat. No charges were filed.
Because fighting with the people in the bar is sure to get him invited back inside. 
Assistance Rendered  ~ A driver complained to police that he had observed someone tampering with his vehicle, and that the lock to his truck door had been damaged. The responding officer found that the damage had apparently been miraculously repaired, as none existed.
 It's a miracle, folks!
Assistance Rendered ~ A man whose taxi companion was so intoxicated that he could not articulate where he needed to go asked the taxi driver to drive to the police station for assistance. Officers accompanied the man and his inebriated companion to his vessel and ensured that he boarded safely and was looked after by a sober party.
 I tell you, the Unalaska Police must have the patience of Job ...


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Tough way to have a year around job.

Rev. Paul said...

Small-community policing has an attraction all its own, but it's definitely a challenge, sometimes.

Jefferson Selvy said...

Your police blotter posts make my week. Reminds me of Tom Bodet's End of the Road radio show "from Kenai Alaska

Rev. Paul said...

JS, thank you. Tom's show was actually from Homer (the literal "End of the Road", where the Alaska Highway dead-ends at Kachemak Bay, the mouth of the Pacific Ocean). But it is on the Kenai Peninsula, which you may be remembering.

Either way, I take that as a compliment. :)

joated said...

"I tell you, the Unalaska Police must have the patience of Job ..."

True, but think of the stories they'll be able to tell in their retirement as they sit around the hot stove on a cold winter's night.

They will probably need neck braces, too. Because of all the head shaking they did back in the day.

PioneerPreppy said...

Yes the police up there must be real easy going (A good thing) but the number of "Declined to press charges" accounts also says something about the people in general I think.

Rev. Paul said...

joated, all good points you raise.

Preppy, I wonder if that's true, or if they simply have to get along in such a small, remote society.

Chickenmom said...

Gosh, I love these stories...

threecollie said...

Thank you for this large improvement in my Saturday morning.

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, that's why I put 'em here. :)

threecollie, you're quite welcome!