21 November 2014

A Train, Standing Still

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A Train Standing Still North of Fairbanks

Converted train cars are now the home of Aurora Express Bed & Breakfast

The train will always stand still.

Each car is transformed from a mode of transit to a place of rest. Susan Wilson and her husband Mike own the Aurora Express Bed and Breakfast.

She prepared brunch for friends last week in the dining car. The car has ceilings painted to look like the aurora borealis.

Unique Alaskan artifacts decorate the inside. Susan said this Bed and Breakfast, the Aurora Express in, was inspired by a dream 20 years ago.

[snip] The hotel includes restored Pullman cars from the 50s.

There's also a medical car from World War II. Susan says the wall on the medical car started warping and the wall paper peeled off. What she found behind it was a surprise.

A strategic map of World War II in readable condition had been behind the wall the whole time. Now each train car has a theme.


Old NFO said...

That is a neat one! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, we've put it on our list of future destinations. :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

I like that.
I also like reading about how they moved the train.
I first imagined it was just parked there.

Chickenmom said...

What a wonderful story, Rev. Paul! Please take pictures when you go there!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Ed.

Chickenmom - will do. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool.