06 November 2014

Alaska: Skeletal Remains Are Those of Missing Explorer

Dental records confirm a skeleton that washed ashore on Shuyak Island, about 70 miles north of Kodiak, are the remains of a French explorer last seen in May.

Francois Guenot eating breakfast at the Kokhanok home of Glen Neilsen. Photo courtesy Glen Neilsen (found at www.adn.com)

"Through dental record comparison, the (State Medical Examiner's Office) has positively identified the human remains as those of Francois Guenot," Alaska State Troopers wrote in a Wednesday dispatch.

Troopers previously reported that Guenot left Kokhanok May 9 to hike to Amakdedori Creek after arranging to have his kayak and other equipment flown to the creek with intentions of exploring a stretch of the Shelikof Strait.

Guenot was last contacted by U.S. Department of Fish and Game near Amakdedori Creek when he was found trespassing in a cabin and illegally using a net to remove fish in the creek.
No one reported seeing the 35-year-old from Maiche, France alive after that.

He was a brave man, living out his dream, but we lose a few like that every year, and it's usually something that could have been prevented.


Old NFO said...

Many 'want' to do it, few do. And fewer still survive...

Rev. Paul said...

Sad but true.

ProudHillbilly said...

Wow. You think of stuff like that as being from the 19th century. Hard to believe that there are still places in the US where an explorer can still dissappear.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, we lose a few like that every year. It's not hard to get lost in nearly 600,000 square miles.