12 November 2014

Lost and Found

As a property manager, people who find things bring them to me. Usually, I'm able to reconnect folks with things they've lost.

But the last few days have produced a bumper crop of items left behind:  two cell phones, an iPod, a daily planner, a wedding ring, and a stack of 15 credit cards all in the same name.

Srsly?  Is it asking too much for people to hang onto their belongings?



Cathy said...

Ouch. I had a 20 dollar bill float out of my hand today and if I hadn't turned back to the car to retrieve something else . . Well, even if an honest person had found it . . . there'd been no way to return it. The pace of life . . our distractedness over so many things . . .But it seems you really have had quite a haul recently. Is it the shortening days?

Rev. Paul said...

I honestly don't know, Cathy, but it's unusual.

Chickenmom said...

15 Credit cards??? Yikes!

Guffaw in AZ said...

I'm proud to say I'm neurotic enough that I've NEVER lost my keys or wallet!
I've misplaced them for periods of time, but never permanently.
AND, I was a latch-key kid, starting in the 3rd Grade!


Rev. Paul said...

I know, Chickenmom; we can only hope - for his sake - that the guy who claimed them is more careful with his money than with the cards.

Guffaw, understood. I've mislaid my keys once or twice, but never for long, and only at home. The wallet, never. I'm probably a little OCD in that regard.

Sandy said...


When it rains it pours with lost items :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, that hasn't been an issue at the building - until this week. Fortunately, all the owners have returned to claim their things, except for the wedding ring.