05 November 2014

NTSB: "Inadequate Safety Management" Contributed to Fatal Crash

NTSB: 'Inadequate safety management' contributed to fatal trooper helicopter crash

The deadly crash of Alaska State Trooper Helo 1 near Talkeetna in 2013 was tied to state Department of Public Safety policies that encouraged pilot Mel Nading to take dangerous risks, the National Transportation Safety Board has concluded.

The state agency says it has since moved to tighten its policies.
Nading, 55, died in the March 30, 2013 crash along with 40-year-old Trooper Tage Toll and 56-year-old Carl Ober, a snowmachine rider Nading and Toll had set out to rescue after he crashed in a remote area along a powerline intertie.

Shortly after picking up Ober, Nading launched the state's lone turbine-powered helicopter into deteriorating weather. NSTB investigators believe that within minutes of takeoff he was blinded by snow, became disoriented, and lost control of the aircraft. It spiraled into the ground, exploded and burned.

Not. Good.


Old NFO said...

Nope, and sadly they paid with their lives...

Rev. Paul said...

... and since it's a state agency, no one will ever be held accountable.