20 November 2014

Police Blotter: Zombies, Stink-Eye and More

Assistance Rendered ~ An elder phoned to request assistance with her inebriated, belligerent and generally antagonistic son. The son was provided with transport to a hotel for the night, and was strongly dissuaded from choking his mother.
Weapons ~ A .22 rifle was found near the cemetery and turned over to police.
 Wrong caliber for zombies.
Liquor Law Violation ~ Acting on a tip from another patron, an officer checked the Harbor View Bar bathroom and found a pair of blue Converse shoes and associated body parts sticking out of a bathroom stall. The drunk to which the shoes were attached eventually stumbled out of the stall and was advised he was not allowed to remain on the premises.
As long as they all left together. :) 
Assistance Rendered ~ Previously convicted assailant reported that since he returned to town, his victim has been giving him the stink-eye. An officer advised the assailant to simply avoid looking at the victim.
Found Property ~ A dirty black bag with a Chauffeur's license and numerous business cards. When contacted, the owner of the bag asked that the bag and its contents be destroyed.
 That just leaves all sorts of unanswered questions... 
PC Mental ~ Officers took into custody a severely disturbed man who believed he was already dead and in heaven.

Assistance Rendered ~ Woman reported having been kicked out of her boyfriend's parents' home after the boyfriend's mother caught the two of them naked in bed.
 It makes me wonder, what exactly did she expect the police to do about it?


Chickenmom said...

Maybe that mother had better get her hands on the .22!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I'm thinking maybe she hid it there to keep Junior from finding it. :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Stinkeye! That must be a least a gross misdemeanor.

Rev. Paul said...

Well ... it sounds gross, anyway.

joated said...

"That just leaves all sorts of unanswered questions... "

1- His cover is blown so he needs the evidence distroyed.
2- That limo wrapped around a tree? Yeah, it was his.
3- That business exec that's gone missing? Yeah, the contact was through one of those cards.

Rev. Paul said...

joated - slow day? Clever, though. :)