07 November 2014

This May Not Make the National News

Worker with conceal and carry permit kills man with hand gun outside Barnhart grocery

BARNHART, MO (KTVI-TV, St. Louis) – Two men, armed with hand guns, faced off on a grocery store parking lot in Barnhart Thursday morning. Witnesses told sheriff deputies a customer, who was intoxicated, threatened a store employee with a gun. The employee pulled out his concealed gun and shot the man several times.

48 year old Robert Lawson of Imperial was pronounced dead at the scene. Employees at Karsch’s Village Market on Highway M in Barnhart had called for help. They said the intoxicated man was causing a disturbance.

Before Jefferson County deputies could arrive, employees escorted the man from the store while trying to convince him to give up the keys to his pickup truck.

“The victim, at some point in time during the conversation, produced a hand gun and pointed it at the store employee. The store employee drew his weapon and fired his weapon at least twice, maybe three times, striking the individual,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer.

The store employee, a 23-year old man also from Imperial had a legal permit to carry a concealed gun according to Sheriff Boyer.

[snip] Sheriff Boyer said once the investigation is completed it will be presented to the Jefferson County Prosecutor. But he indicated it appears to be a case of self-defense. That determination will be made by the prosecutor’s office. 
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JaneofVirginia said...

I am sorry that the employee will need to carry the memory of having had to shoot an armed attacker, but I am very glad he is alive to tell the tale as a result of having a concealed weapons permit, a weapon, and sufficient training to use it well in such a dangerous situation.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Haven't seen it. But, I cannot watch much 'mainstream media' for the very reason you cited.
Quelle surprise.


Rev. Paul said...

Jane, I concur. I'd rather deal with survivor's guilt than leave my beautiful wife a widow.

Guffaw, not surprise. The story doesn't fit their narrative.

Sandy said...

Rev Paul,

Good thing the young man had a gun for protection. It does sound like self defense.
Nothing in the news here about this situation.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, I'm not really surprised by that; they don't like stories that make "scary guns" into "useful tools".