05 November 2014

Too Many Projects?

Problem solved!

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Old NFO said...

Oh THANK you... sigh... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Sorry, NFO. Sad but true.

Guffaw in AZ said...

This happens only if you're disciplined!
Otherwise, one does the easy/pleasant tasks first.

See! Now you have a choice! :-)


Rev. Paul said...

Actually, Guffaw, I prefer to do the quick-and-easy ones first, because it makes the list so much shorter, quickly. Most efficiency experts recommend that, too - so see? You're in good company!

Max said...

I understand, it seems to never end. Just when you sit down on the couch to read a book you realize the floor needs a vacuum attack or the dishes didn't wash themselves.

Rev. Paul said...

Max, your dishes didn't wash themselves? I hate when that happens.

drjim said...

I worked for a PHB once.


It was enough "training" to be able to spot them a mile away.

And he and his evil minions never understood why I quit "The Team" to go to a job with almost double the pay, real benefits, and a chance for advancement.

Rev. Paul said...

I've worked for two of them, completely different types of tyrants, but Never. Again.

And left for the same reason as you.