05 December 2014

Friday's Police Blotter: Sweet Nothings & a Grumpy Old Man

Criminal Mischief ~ An officer contacted several men involved in a minor altercation near Harbor View Bar, and after determining no crimes had occurred sent the men on their way in a taxi. One of the men, perhaps dissatisfied with this response, chose to shatter a window in the taxi with his fist. The occupants of the taxi told police a rock had been thrown at the window in spite of the fact that one of their numbers had blood streaming from his hand. [Name redacted], 23 yoa, of California, was arrested for Criminal Mischief.

Domestic Disturbance ~ An argument between a man and his wife over their respective infidelity degenerated into a brawl and resulted in the man striking himself about the face in frustration. Officers advised the two of the consequences of continued, escalating violence.
 I know that say "you always hurt the one you love," but this is going to extremes!

Suspicious Person/Activity ~ Caller reported several children had taken refuge in the entryway of his home after a grumpy old man had yelled at them and chased them from their apartment building. Officers contacted the elderly gent, who said he was tired of the children making noise in the apartment hallway.
And stay offa my lawn!

Drunk Disturbance ~ Bering Fisheries Security requested assistance with an intoxicated man who kept wandering from one bunkhouse to another and refused to leave the premises. Officers contacted the drunk, who already had a hotel room and couldn't quite explain why he felt it necessary to traipse about the processing facility.

Assistance Rendered ~ Business representative asked for assistance locating a former employee for whom she had purchased an outbound flight, as he had already demonstrated himself unable to use his travel money for anything resembling travel. An officer located the man and provided him with the itinerary.

Criminal Mischief ~ City employee reported insensitive miscreants had carved sweet nothings into the bark of a historic tree at Sitka Spruce Park. Under investigation.
 Would it have made a difference if they had instead carved the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet? Probably not ... poor tree ...


PioneerPreppy said...

I am guessing apartment buildings that house children would be especially loud int he Winter months up there. OK well not any louder than any others but for a more protracted time period.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, you could be right. I don't know how well-insulated those buildings are, but if the kids were playing in the hall ... {shudder}

Well Seasoned Fool said...

" as he had already demonstrated himself unable to use his travel money for anything resembling travel"

I know someone like that. (Don't we all, unfortunately)

Rev. Paul said...

WSF - sadly, that's true.

Chickenmom said...

I'll show her how mad I am and just punch myself silly....had to be some liquor involved in that one!

Rev. Paul said...

Given the location, Chickenmom, it's entirely possible. :)