15 December 2014

Monday, Redux

I Told You So Dept: the weatherman told us what we already knew, this morning. The seasonal average snowfall-to-date is 29"; we've had only 10" this year.

By the way, you know how weather-folk are always telling us they have a 50% accuracy rating? Well, they do: it's the portion of the broadcast where they tell us the current conditions.

Upcoming weather? They're guessing, just like everyone else. Heh... {/snark}

We Always Talk About It But Who Knew? Dept:  It seems there will be a major motion picture filmed in Whittier, AK next year (about an hour southeast of Anchorage).

The film will be be directed by "Casino Royale" director Martin Campbell, executive producers said in Whittier. Hollywood trade publications have reported Gerard Butler ("300") is attached to star. 

The movie, "Hunter Killer," has been in the works for at least five years with the project once pre-approved for an Alaska film subsidy in 2012. Producers for the film said the project is now a reality, with about 90 percent filming to take place in the Alaska town of 229 people.

The thriller is based on the George Wallace novel "Firing Point," about a U.S. nuclear submarine that faces a Russian sub. The producers said they chose Whittier because the town resembles a Russian naval base. [emphasis added]

Anyone who's visited Whittier knows that while the mountains and bay are spectacularly beautiful, the buildings are ... less so. But a Russian naval base?

Ouch. :)

Disparity Much? Dept:  The price of a gallon of gas dropped suddenly to $2.99 in Eagle River and Chugiak (north of Anchorage). It was still $3.24 at the stations near my house, this morning.

Greed? Uneven distribution? A completely different distributor? Who knows? But it would sure be nice to see another twenty-five cents dropped from the price, locally.

And that's all I have, this morning. Thanks for stopping by, friends.


OldAFSarge said...

I'm sure that comparison to a Russian naval base will really spark an increase in tourist revenue.

Yeah, that's gotta sting a little.

Rev. Paul said...

Fortunately, Sarge, Whittier isn't a destination: it's a jumping-off point. Anyone going to Whittier to see the town will be disappointed in the three minutes that it takes to do so. But the scenery is nice.

joated said...

I agree with your assessment of the weatherman's 50% accuracy.

Poor Whittier. Now if they were looking for a site that looked old-timey Russian, they could use Sitka. But that would mean they would have to fly, boat, or swim. And that could be costly.

Rev. Paul said...

Sitka would make a good Russian village, but obviously that's not what they wanted. And at least Whittier's only an hour from Anchorage.

Getting a submarine through the tunnel could be interesting. Heh.