02 December 2014

Odds & Ends

The woman you are grateful to meet on the worst night of your life

When the unthinkable happens for a parent, when two 15-year-old friends are killed by a drunken driver on a simple walk to home from the mall, comfort can come from an unexpected place. 

-- Jordyn Durr and friend Brooke McPheters lost their lives on Aug. 9, 2013. Jordyn's mother, Dana Durr, describes the night of the crash, saying she went looking for the girls and soon found herself frozen by shock.

-- Chaplain Diane Peterson, a volunteer chaplain for the Anchorage police and fire departments, anchored Dana that night and helped guide the family through the grief that followed. Peterson is one of about 60 Alaska chaplains who donate nearly 40,000 hours a year to help families struck by tragedy.

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No sign of more than 50 fishermen missing after boat sinks in Bering Sea

South Korean officials expressed fear of a huge death toll after rescuers Monday failed to find any of the more than 50 fishermen missing after their vessel sank amid high waves in frigid waters of the western Bering Sea.

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Regarding Ferguson, I'll post just this:

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The Nat'l Weather Service tried to scare us all with dire predictions of freezing rain and ice overnight, but it didn't happen.  We got a couple inches of snow, and could get one to three inches more today. Of course, that's contained in the same forecast that said we'd all slide to work.

Wanna know for sure what the weather's going to do? Stand at a window and watch it. :)

Thanks for stopping by, friends. All y'all have a wonderful day!


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Chaplain Diane Peterson, a volunteer chaplain is a gift from God. So many times a family member needs someone to lean on that's not family.

PioneerPreppy said...

They say drowning in cold water is the easiest way to go, or at least I have seen that written. My guess is that is only a theory coming from someone who never tried it. Anyway I think it would be horrible. I am not over fond of cold water anyway.

Rev. Paul said...

That's very true, Sandy. One of my friends is also a volunteer chaplain, and has been training with her. It was a real eye-opening experience for him.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, I don't know if it's easier, but it's fairly quick ... not that I'm eager to try it, either.