26 January 2015

Alaska Governor, Congressional Delegation Irate

President Barack Obama said Sunday that he planned to ask Congress to declare much of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, including its 1.5-million-acre coastal plain, an area on Alaska’s North Slope suspected to contain vast reserves of oil and gas.

The designation would forever prevent exploration and production on the coastal plain, but Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said the idea would be dead on arrival in the Republican-led Congress.

[snip] Murkowski and the rest of the state’s congressional delegation, along with Gov. Bill Walker, reacted strongly to the symbolism in the administration’s announcement. In a joint statement, they said the move -- and two other anticipated announcements involving offshore drilling in the Arctic and development in National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska -- amounted to “declaring war on Alaska’s future."

The environmentalists love to publish pictures showing what a lovely, paradisaical place the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is. And you know what? 99.99 percent of them have never visited the place. It's uninhabitated (with very minor exceptions).

But the truth is something far different.

In summer, it's a tundra- and muskeg-covered swamp. In the winter (and winters are long, that far north of the Arctic Circle) it's a snow-covered plain.

Yes, one of the largest arctic herds of caribou cross it in the seasonal migrations. But oil wells and pipelines are now proven to attract wildlife, rather than stifle it.

Proven how? By 40 years of history of oil development and shipping on the Alaska's north slope. 

Yes, those are caribou on the North Slope, a half-mile from an oil well.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Hicks in the sticks just can't grasp the BIG picture, don't you know. You are keeping the eco do gooders from doing good.

Rev. Paul said...

I know, I know. Too bad none o' them know-it-alls don't come up here none ... us hicks might learn 'em a thing or three.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is that a veiled threat?

Old NFO said...

They refuse to believe their lying eyes... sigh

Rob said...

Padre I think Obama's plan for the next two years is to irritate as many folks as he can. Then come the next election the Liberals will claim the GOP wouldn't work with them.

ProudHillbilly said...

Your problem is that you expect facts to matter. I've come to the conclusion that the "low information voter" is a myth. It's just that facts are irrelevant in our culture.

Rev. Paul said...

Ed, it isn't really a threat. They wouldn't learn anything if the caribou walked up them & licked their faces.

NFO - quite true. Sad, that.

Rob, that's the least dangerous thing he could do. I hope you're right.

PH - no, I don't really expect the leftists/nanny statists/Progressives/environazi/greenies to learn anything at all. History has proven that they never learn.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Aw, c'mon! Don't let FACTS get in the way.
Didn't you know the FEDGOV is all powerful?


Rev. Paul said...

Leastways they think they are, Guffaw ... and they behave like it.