17 January 2015

It's a Quiet Day

The temp is hanging right at 32°, but the clouds are intermittent with some peeks of sunshine from time to time. It was frosty when we first went out this morning ... or rather, the streets had frosty patches, and cornering was an adventure.

But it's clearing now, and the forecast formerly containing hints of snow now calls only for scattered bouts of freezing rain and/or ice pellets.


We did the weekly shopping, had lunch at the hotel's cafe' where Younger Daughter is serving as hostess (it's slow season in the pastry kitchen), and picked up a couple of movies with which we hope to divert ourselves this afternoon.

Which movies?  Left Behind and How to Train Your Dragon 2. Like I said, we hope they're diversionary; in the case of the second one, we hope it's funny. The first one was (very) light entertainment.

Yeah, I know, but there's nothing else available right now.  At least, nothing else we haven't already seen.

And we've seen each of the DVDs and Blu-Ray movies we already have so many times that we can watch them with the sound turned off, and recite the dialogue from memory.

* * * * *

On a happy note, gas has dropped to an average of $2.66/gallon here. Makes my wallet happy. :)


ProudHillbilly said...

I paid $1.95 when I left Detroit. It's $2.35 here. I keep thinking "I'm waaaaaiiiiting..."

Rob said...

Temp down in this part of the Tundra is 35. I'm still waiting for the big blizzard of 2015. Were over do. Gas here in town $1.85 Son filled his car for $22 and change.

Rev. Paul said...

PH & Rob - just keep rubbing it in. :)

And Rob, if we get a big blizzard? I'd LOVE it!

Guffaw in AZ said...

Gas here is like $1.85 - I remember a couple Summers ago when it was around (and sometimes over) $4.00.

The sad part is we're being fooled into thinking under $3 is a DEAL!


Rev. Paul said...

That's a fact, Guffaw. Last time oil was under $50/barrel, gas was $1.60 at the pump here. And we're supposed to be grateful that it's only $2.66, now.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Quiet days are a good thing, I look forward to them at our place.
If you get a chance watch The American Sniper, great movie.