23 January 2015

Post #4,600: Snow or Not, and Police Blotter Time!

So after all the hoopla, the heavy snow front that swept across town, and blizzard-like conditions for a couple of hours ... we got a whole 1 1/2" of snow overnight.

But not to worry, says the weatherman: there's another 6" to 14" on the way today through tomorrow.
Considering that a 14" storm total would leave us 32" or more behind schedule, I think we'll go ahead and be concerned.

But it's Friday, and you know that that means: time for the police blotter from our friends on Unalaska Island. :)

* * * * *

Domestic Violence ~ Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute between a man and his wife. The man, fortified by liquid courage, confronted his wife concerning her unfaithfulness. She did not want to discuss this subject so the man left. The wife attempted to persuade her husband to stay by hitting him about the head and shoulders. The two were separated for the night.
Yep, hitting about the head and shoulders to get her point across ... that ought to do it.

Animal ~ Barking dog complaint. An officer responded to the residence at which the barking dogs allegedly live, and found the two dogs there were the only dogs in the neighborhood that were not barking.

Assault ~ Several callers reported two taxi drivers shoving each other and pulling at one another's hair in the middle of a busy roadway. An officer contacted the various parties involved and was told the altercation was simply a result of a kind-hearted and insistent taxi driver trying to give a ride to an agitated woman who sincerely wanted to walk, not drive, home.

Welfare Check ~ An officer checked on an intoxicated man who had made several inconsistent declarations about people in his room, and found the man alone and in good health, the effects of alcohol notwithstanding.

Drunk Disturbance ~ Caller reported a beer-toting inebriate dropping the f-bomb all over the airport terminal. The inebriate told an officer he would start using his very best behavior since his attitude and intoxication had already caught the attention of those responsible for allowing departing passengers to board their flight, and he sincerely desired to be reunited with his family this night.
Isn't it amazing how polite said inebriate became when the authorities arrived? Who'd have guessed? :)

Welfare Check ~ Out of town company rep called to report that one of their employees was apparently passed out, face down, in the airport terminal. An officer responded and found said drunkard, who began flailing about until he fell off the bench on which he had been lying. The drunkard apologized after he was again upright, and agreed it would be best to go to a hotel for the night.
I don't know about you, but I saw a few of these way back during my badge-totin' days, and it's hard to keep from laughing out loud when such folks start flailing about and tripping over their own feet. That is, as long as they're not in actual distress or any danger.

Welfare Check ~ A woman asked officers to check on her sister, who was allegedly suicidal after having misplaced approximately $12,000 in cash. Officers found the sister asleep in her bed. The intoxicated sister assured officers she would not harm herself unless she failed to find her money, in which event she might change her mind.
"Don't worry about me, ossifers. I'm ooooookay, so long as my money turns up. If not, then just shoot me, 'kaythanxbye."

Trespass ~ Sister asked officers to tell her brother, on behalf of her father, that brother should not have any visitors, unsavory or otherwise, while father is out of town else father might kick brother out of the home when he returns. An officer passed along this message to brother.
But what about her auntie? Or cousin Vinnie?  Surely there's at least one more relative whose name she didn't invoke ...

Whaddya think, folks; one more?

Assault ~ Officers investigating a report of a fight at the Harborview Bar learned that a truculent bloke had smacked his girlfriend's head into a dashboard before injuring the girlfriend's sister when she confronted him about his abusive behavior. The tipsy boyfriend was further found to have driven to the Harborview Bar in search of his girlfriend in a state of intoxication and without benefit of a driver's license. [The man], of Unalaska, was charged with two counts of Assault IV, Driving under the Influence and Driving while License Suspended/Revoked.
This one sounds a bit more violent than the average report. Given the amount of alcohol seemingly consumed in a day's time, I'm always amazed there aren't more such reports.


Chickenmom said...

We're only supposed to get 3 to
six inches of snow here in N/W Joisey. :o(
Just love your police blotter - a heck of a lot more interesting and funnier than ours!

Rev. Paul said...

They're still calling for another 6" to 12" here, by the time it ends tomorrow.
Unalaska's a long way from Anchorage, but their blotter's better than ours, too.