02 January 2015

While We Enjoy Lower Gas Prices

The price of regular gas in Anchorage has fallen to around $2.92/gallon. Yes, I know it's a LOT cheaper in the Lower 48, but we don't live there.

Now from the Alaska Dispatch News comes this eye-opener:
In Bethel, the cheapest gas is $6.67 a gallon at Nicholson’s Auto. In Barrow, unleaded gas is $7 a gallon at Eskimos Inc., the lone gas retailer. In remote villages, gas is even more dear. Filling up an SUV? That’s a quick $125 swipe on your debit card. While urban Alaskans are enjoying a gradual drop in fuel costs, those in rural Alaska continue to pay stinging prices at the pump.

It has to do with signed delivery contracts from 2014, and delivery dates. Follow the link to find out the rest.


Chickenmom said...

The comments on that article were quite interesting! Gas is cheap here in Joisey - $1.85 in Edison and it's $2.19 locally.

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom - the comments on most articles in the Anchorage paper can be interesting, or strange, or completely unrelated. Meanwhile, my buddy in Pacific, MO is paying $1.69/gallon.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Our gas is at $1.87 for 100 % gas and $1.69 a gallon for ethanol.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, understood. Thanks.