24 February 2015

Tuesday Blotter: The Common Denominator

seems to be alcohol. Again.

Drunk Disturbance ~ A drunken patron, apparently upset at being asked to leave the bar, pushed a bar employee and knocked a phone out of his hand before fleeing on foot. The suspect was quickly located and was charged with Criminal Mischief IV.

Assistance Rendered ~ Officers were called to a residence by a woman who reported a strange man was in her house and refused to leave. By the time officers arrived, the woman had discovered that the man was simply helping the woman’s intoxicated sister get into the home.

Assistance Rendered ~ Officers assisted security with a belligerent, intoxicated bar patron who tried to have the last wordy by flipping off the bartender and leaving without paying his tab after the bartender cut him off. The patron changed his final answer after an officer advised him he could go to jail for this minor oversight.

MVA Injury ~ A woman who drove into a whiteout came out of it to find herself in the oncoming lane of traffic, with another vehicle coming toward her. Both drivers braked in unsuccessful attempts to avoid a collision. Reported injuries were minor and damages extensive. Ice on the roadway was a factor.

Animal ~ Request for intervention between a homeowner tired of poo piles in her yard and a pet owner whose dog apparently seeks out the homeowner's yard in the wee hours of the night.

Drunk Disturbance ~ A rather inebriated and tottering man was seen urinating on a taxi cab. The man, who wasted an inordinate amount of time not identifying himself, was advised to keep his urine to himself when in public.

Assistance Rendered ~ Officers responded to a residential fire, and found the house occupied by 30-40 partiers, one of whom was trying to cool an overheated boiler with a bottle of Corona. Officers evacuated the building, turned off the boiler's fuel source and advised fire personnel of the problem.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Now that marijuana has been legalized there, I wonder if alcohol calls will take a back seat?

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy - it's quite possible that it will, at least at first. The actual usage is still quite restricted, but it's never stopped anyone before.

PioneerPreppy said...

Things are looking up though. There were at least two items in this report that were not alcohol related. Or at least no connection mentioned anyway :)

Rev. Paul said...

That's true, Preppy. They must be slipping! :) (I kid, I kid)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Tending bar in Dutch Harbor can't be for the faint of heart.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF - I suspect you're right. You know things are rough when you have 911 on speed dial.

Chickenmom said...

These little gems always makes my day! :o)

Rev. Paul said...

Then my work here is done! :)