28 March 2015

He Saw It Coming

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr circa 1930-edit.jpg
Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court (1902-1932)
"If a man neglects to enforce his rights, he cannot complain if, after a while, the law follows his example."

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


Anonymous said...

Didn't he live in Hooterville?
NAW, that was Oliver Wendell Douglas, eating hotscakes!

BTW, Holmes was brilliant, unlike most of today's jurists!


Ed Bonderenka said...

Or a congress.

Old NFO said...

As usual the old guys were right... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, I was thinking about Green Acres too - always do, when I hear Justice Holmes' name mentioned. :)

Ed, I'm now convinced there's nothing dumber than a congress.

NFO - agreed!