07 March 2015

Iditarod Start: Is This Seattle?

At start time it was 43° with wind and rain showers. Very strange weather for early March.

The 10.5-mile track through Anchorage was created overnight with stockpiled snow from up in the mountains, and poured/shaped in the rain.

It was melting and slushy before the first teams ever came down the hill.

The conditions were frankly horrible. And that was before the winds kicked up.

But the dogs live to run, and they were having fun despite the weather.

The Wells Fargo Gold Line commemorative gold-carrying sled, which was used in the mining towns from 1911-1918.

The winner of the Jr. Iditarod, who serves as the pace car (so to speak), just ahead of the mushers.

And again

The first musher, Rob Cooke from Whitehorse, YT

Jessie Royer from Darby, MT in her sixth race

Marty Buser, a four-time champion, from Big Lake, AK

But my mom and niece had a great time seeing this in person for the first time. Then we came back home and watched the launch from the starting line, downtown, which I'd recorded while we were along the trail.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Weather patterns are strange. Next year may see a blizzard. This year blame Al Gore.

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, sir. Everything's in flux, all the time.

Old NFO said...

It's Mother Nature... We DON'T have any control... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

That's very true, NFO. I wish the idiots in gummint could understand that simple truth.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is that why they shout "Mush!"

Rev. Paul said...

It's not supposed to be, Ed, but it was, this time.

Cathy said...

Have to admit . . . Ed's comment is sadly appropriate.

drjim said...

What happens if they hit patches where there's NO snow?

Put wheels on the sleds?

Rev. Paul said...

It certainly is this year, Cathy.

Jim, they just keep going. And occasionally stop to replace a sled runner or two.