07 April 2015

Police Blotter: Groveling For a Room

Multiple people were contacted regarding a brawl at a bar. In spite of a few punches being thrown, one man being thrown on a pool table and another one shocked with a stun gun, no injuries were reported and no charges were filed.

Assistance Rendered
The drunken mother called police because she had given her debit card to her son, now also intoxicated, to buy booze and had discovered hours later that she had neither booze nor funds in her bank account to show for her trouble. An officer advised the woman that no crime had been committed.

Welfare Check
Caller reported two stumbling drunks in the roadway. Responding officer arrived in time to see one of the men fall on his back in the middle of the road. Security identified the drunks as employees and provided them with transport back to their rooms.

Public Safety
Officer advised two people, one of whom was most displeased by the suggestion, that walking in the roadway, in the middle of the night, in dark clothing, was dangerous, and that they might be safer using the readily available sidewalk.

Drunk Disturbance
Security reported a loud, intoxicated man was causing a disturbance in the roadway near the processing plant. The responding officer, who recognized the suspect description as that of a person earlier advised to use the sidewalk, did not find the suspect but found a crewmate who said the suspect had returned to his vessel.

Drunk Disturbance
Officers responded to the Grand Aleutian hotel regarding some sort of commotion involving a man and a woman in the women's bathroom. Officers found an intoxicated woman who claimed the two had engaged in consensual carnal relations and an intoxicated man who denied any sexual activity at all with the woman. Officers issued trespass advisements, per hotel staff, to the couple.

Two inebriates who had been issued trespass advisements returned to the hotel and groveled for access to rooms for the night.

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