05 April 2015

Easter & the Weather

We've noticed a kinda-sorta strange thing, since moving to Alaska a dozen years ago.

On Easter Sunday, the weather almost always changes. If we've had lots of snow, the sun comes out.
If it's been sunny, it rains.

Or today, after what is now the least snowy winter on record in Anchorage ... it snowed.

It's only a half-inch or so, and will soon be gone as we approach our predicted high of 45. But still the pattern holds.

Strange, that.


Ed Bonderenka said...

We usually have seen our crocusses (crocii?) Come up and freeze by Easter, but they just poked through the ground yesterday.
Happy Resurrection Day! He's alive!

Max said...

Windy and warm, that's the menu here. The water is flowing everywhere, and there is very little snow in the lower elevations.
We took a trip up the mountain and there is several feet of snow. The running was great as long as you kept your balance.

Enjoy your day!

Rev. Paul said...

It's been a different kind of winter, Ed, but the variety is proof to me of God's handiwork.

Max, there's a lot of snow in the interior, but the south-central part of AK has been mostly dry this year. I'm glad y'all have a snowpack up high, to provide water for spring.