21 April 2015

Tuesday Afternoon

The day has been a bit cloudy, with some sun. We did our usual, casual breakfast on the lanai, brewing our own coffee. 

We went for a swim afterward, and cleaned up for a trip to the mall. 

This is where the narrative diverges from the norm. 

Our routine has been that she shops until lunch, and I'm just there as a pack burro to carry the bags. After lunch, I manage to find my way to the trolley, and thence back to the hotel. 

Today, she grew tired of shopping as quickly as I did, and we BOTH came back. One nice touch: the trolley company is transitioning from San Francisco type cars to double-deckers, which is nice. I haven't ridden on one of those in a very long time. 

From there, we walked along the beach for awhile. 

So now we're resting in the room, awaiting an Italian dinner with our new friend. 

And tomorrow?  Well, that's another day. 


drjim said...

Maybe next time you can get down here to LA-LA Land and we can meet up.

Rev. Paul said...

Anything's possible, Jim. :)

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Relaxation, company, and good food sounds like a great vacation to me.