07 May 2015

Police Blotter: Recurring Besottedness

Welfare Check
Drunken woman asked an officer to find her husband, who hadn't been seen since he left for church. Officers responded to the woman's residence and found a number of equally inebriated guests, none of whom could provide any coherent information about the husband's departure.

Suspicious Activity
Caller reported that an individual had turned in a WW II era bomb for disposal. The bomb was stored away from inhabited areas pending disposal by the EOD.

Welfare Check
Officers responded to a report of an individual who may need assistance. The individual, although highly intoxicated, was not in need of any assistance the police could provide.

Domestic Disturbance
Officers responded to a residence to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance. Three besotted individuals were contacted. Each of the three reported that the others were causing a disturbance. The mother wanted her son removed from the residence and was told that the police were unable to do so but advised her of the legal process of eviction. The son reported that he believed his friend was trying to have sex with his mother and took appropriate action to stop said sex. The friend advised he was just consoling his friend's mother and had been thrown through the entertainment center but was uninjured. All were advised that continued disturbances could result in arrest.

Drunk Disturbance
Officers responded to a report of a loud drunken person causing a disturbance. An individual was contacted on the shore screaming incoherently. It was apparent that the individual had been in the water for an unknown amount of time and appeared hypothermic and in need of medical attention.

Drunk Disturbance
Officers responded to the airport to investigate a report of a drunken and unruly customer. Officers contacted a father and son duet of besottedness and advised them to be more respectful.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

One of the more challenging jobs in Alaska must be the airline flight crews serving Dutch Harbor. Manning the ticket counter also.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF - Agreed. Anything remotely related to 'customer service' there must be tough on the best of days.

Chickenmom said...

"Besottedness" - what a great word!

Rev. Paul said...

I agree, Chickenmom. I also suspect that the good Sgt. writing the blotter must rack her brain at night to come up with new ways to keep things interesting. :)

ProudHillbilly said...

Japanese or America bomb?

Rev. Paul said...

PH, the Blotter doesn't say - but in that location, it could easily be either one.