17 June 2015

A Twofer

Sale! Two-for-one special today: a wildfire update, and the Police Blotter. Free free free!

The "Sockeye" fire to the north of Anchorage is close to 8,000 acres, and nearly 100 buildings (including homes) have burned.

The Kenai Peninsula’s Card Street fire grew to an estimated 2,000 acres Tuesday as lightning sparked two more fires near Cooper Landing.

* * * * *

Two adult males who had been bickering like children ever since they began working together on a fishing boat engaged in an altercation involving some choking, punching and threats by one or both parties. No charges were filed per the District Attorney and the vessel captain said he intended to have the two men put on different boats.

Assistance Rendered
Bar staff requested assistance with a hostile patron who refused to leave and was bellowing in the parking lot. Officers located the inebriated patron and his brother and advised both of them not to return to the bar this night. The two men left in a cab.

Assistance Rendered
The brother of the inebriated bar patron reported that his sibling had attacked him. Responding officers found one brother with a bite mark on his hand, and another with splotchy red marks on his chest and shoulders. The siblings provided stories that were inconsistent with the officers’ observations and the two were ultimately grounded in their respective rooms.

A patron of the Dutch Harbor Post Office was attacked by a nesting eagle as she wheeled a package cart into the building. The woman was treated at the clinic for several puncture wounds to her scalp and ear. 

Public Safety
[The] Postmistress, who advised that four postal patrons had been attacked in the last week, asked for additional signage warning of the threat posed by a pair of nesting national symbols. 

Assistance Rendered
Caller phoned UDPS* from Table Top Mountain and said he was hiking home from McLeese Lake but had become disoriented in the fog. Officers were able to give him guidance to an old WWII road near Wide Bay, where he awaited a comrade with a boat. UDPS later received information that both parties had returned safely.

[A man], 23 yoa, was arrested for Assault II after officers responding to an ambulance request discovered that his wife had significant injuries including some indicators of strangulation. [The man] denied strangling his wife but admitted he may have been in a fit of rage.

Drunk Disturbance
Bar staff reported a patron had knocked over several drinks and was being unpleasant to other patrons, though nobody so affected wished to pursue any charges. Officers located the inebriated man across the street, and advised him not to return to the bar. The inebriate, who claimed he had money for cab fare, left in a taxi.

[The] inebriate who, as it turned out, had no money to pay his cab fare asked his driver to take him to an ATM but was unable to withdraw any funds. A minor scuffle broke out between the inebriate, the taxi driver and several other passengers when the driver told the inebriate she wasn’t driving him anywhere else. Again, no persons involved wished to pursue charges. An officer drove the inebriate home and gave him to his wife.

* Unalaska Dept. of Public Safety


Chickenmom said...

Prayers to the fire victims. Nothing worse than seeing that come roaring down at you.
Eagles are very protective of their young. Don't know if you have been watching, but the Decorah eagles are starting fledge.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you for the prayers, ma'am. The firefighters & the residents can use them.

threecollie said...

Wish we could send you some rain....

Rev. Paul said...

We could sure use it, ma'am.