27 June 2015

Cloudy Skies

Literally, this morning. There's a good chance of scattered showers this morning, and it's unusually dark for this time of year. There was a prolonged light drizzle yesterday afternoon, too, so the prayers for rain are starting to work.

At least, here in Anchorage. That doesn't much help the million-plus acres already burned across the state. Older Daughter is outside of Tok this weekend, instructing another Appleseed event. She texted last night that there were huge plumes of smoke all around as they drove toward that location. Thankfully, none of those fires are close enough to Tok to be a threat.

Meanwhile, my wife and Younger Daughter are participating in the Color Run this morning, while I have an eye doctor appointment.

When that's done, I'll be grilling some brauts. Don't you wish you were here?



Max said...

Our rain has let up finally, hopefully you will get your turn and get some of those fires extinguished.

Brauts you say... that actually sounds good but I have to run first because nobody likes running after eating such contraptions.

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, Max. That would make a heavy lump in the stomach on which to launch a run. :)

OldAFSarge said...

Just checked the schedule, while I could make it in time, the SR-71 is in the shop. Maybe next time Rev.


Rev. Paul said...

Sorry to hear that, Sarge. Maybe next time.

Old NFO said...

Glad you're getting at least 'some' rain...

Anonymous said...

Why YES!

With Grey Poupon, cheese and diced onion for the brats!

Thank you.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I know a good water soaking would really help prevent the fires from spreading.....hopefully there will be some good rain.

Brats!!! Were having them tonight too.......ours are stuffed with Jalapenos and Cheddar cheese. Enjoy!!!

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, it wasn't much, but it was really nothing. :/

Guffaw, I believe we could do that; it's pretty much the way we eat them, too.

Sandy, that sounds equally good. :)