24 June 2015

Police Blotter: "A Finger Across the Throat Means Death"

Assistance Rendered
Officer spoke to a child and the child’s father about the dangers of floating on a lake on a piece of Styrofoam ™ without a flotation device.

Officers investigated the assault of and threats made against a young man during the course of a dispute over a woman. Officers determined that [a man] had assaulted a rival on three separate occasions earlier in the day, punching him, throwing him to the ground and threatening to remove certain key body parts. [The man] was later arrested on two counts Assault IV and one count Assault III.

Traffic Crime
Officers received an anonymous complaint of a vehicle speeding. Officers were able to locate the vehicle and driver in question. The driver was apologetic and said he was in a rush home to start hot tubbing. The driver was advised not to speed in the future.

[A man], 42 yoa, of Unalaska, was arrested for Driving under the Influence after an officer observed him utilizing the entire roadway for his driving endeavors. [He] told the arresting officer that he had simply gone out to get more beer.

Suspicious Activity
Officer observed that a steamroller had been driven, in an erratic fashion, about 75 yards from where it had been previously parked and had been running next to a concrete bunker. There was nothing to indicate who may have been driving the steamroller. A company rep was advised.

A man reported his former roommate had threatened to kill him; this conclusion having been drawn after the roommate slid a forefinger across his throat. Officers spoke to the roommate, who said the caller had poked fun at his droopy eye and refused to go outside to have a private conversation, choosing instead to air their disputes in front of others in the galley. Officers advised both men to avoid contact with one another.

Library staff reported receiving a garbled, aggressive voice mail and asked that officers investigate. An officer, after listening to the message and seeing from where it originated, opined that the caller one, was intoxicated; and two, had dialed a wrong number.


Chickenmom said...

I would keep both of those guys far away from the galley - knives, you know....

Rev. Paul said...

That's a good point; makes me wonder if their employer is paying attention.