25 June 2015

'Tain't Friday Yet

This week is turning out to be a humdinger, what with near-record highs on Monday and Tuesday, lots of sunshine, dozens of new wildfires which have burned over 400,000 acres, and yesterday's 5.8-magnitude 'quake.

I'm quite ready to wrap this one up, and get on with the weekend.

* * * * *

I've been asked via e-mail why I don't blog about politics very often, lately.  Frankly, I'm sick of the whole mess. It feels like a waste of time to keep beating my head against a wall ... and just like doing that, it feels better when you stop.

I'm spending far less time trying to write, and more time staring out the windows, these days. Thinking about travel, about just getting away for awhile.

We'll be hitting the road in August, with one long driving trip/four-day weekend already planned. We'd like to visit Fairbanks again, and maybe take the Coastal Classic train to Seward, too. Just because.

Work plays an ever-decreasing role in my life as time off assumes a more important part. I'm okay with that. It probably doesn't help that many of my friends at work have either just retired, or are about to. Barring a sudden windfall (hey, it can happen) I won't be retiring any time soon.

But longer vacations are definitely in the mix.

* * * * *

And oh, yes: we saw Jurassic World last night. Not bad at all!

The production admittedly trod some familiar territory, but it's well done.  We enjoyed it, and isn't that what "entertainment" is all about?

You'll probably like it, too.


Chickenmom said...

I am so sick of the sick people out there, too. Don't know how much longer this country can hold it together anyway without a some sort of a conflict. Any chance you can take to stop and smell the roses is good and spending all the time you can with family is even better. Marveling at the wonders that God has given us will help get us through this. I really believe that.

Rev. Paul said...

I believe you're right, ma'am. Anything we can do to keep our minds on our Lord is a darned sight better than anything else.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

There are days I would rather just find a place to hide far.far.away from this craziness. God help us!