22 July 2015

Police Blotter: Never Mind

Traffic Crime
Caller said she was sick and tired of the way taxi drivers drive, and reported that one of them had just cut her off. An officer contacted the suspect driver, who predictably denied any wrongdoing, and issued a warning.

Assistance Rendered
Officers responded to multiple locations listed as the residence of a man from whom a 911 hang-up call had been received, only to find that the man whom they sought was not present at any of them. The man eventually phoned police to report that he had accidentally pocket-dialed 911.

Assistance Rendered
Officers, ambulance and fire department personnel responded to the scene of a controlled burn which had been reported as a towering fire, and learned that there was a responsible party on scene monitoring the burn. 

Traffic Crime
Woman reported the driver of a blue or white flatbed swerving on the roadway. An officer located the suspect driver, who immediately denied any poor driving and called the woman a liar. The officer advised the man to drive safely. 

Welfare Check
Officers conducted a welfare check on an extremely intoxicated man who had vomited in his bed and would not wake up. The responding officer inspected the unconscious man and requested EMS; the inebriate awoke shortly thereafter and told the officer he was fine and to get out of his room. 

Assistance Rendered
UDPS forwarded information to the US Coast Guard regarding the location of a small plane which had touched down on a remote beach but which could not take off for the return trip to Unalaska. The pilot and passenger, who were both unharmed and in sporadic contact with their families, declined emergency rescue, spent the night in the sand and were collected by a friend the next morning. The plane was left at the beach for recovery at a later date. 

Assist Other Agency
US Coast Guard reported having received a distress signal from an Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) associated with the F/V Pacific Knight. Officers confirmed that the vessel, which has been unoccupied and tied to the dock for a number of years, was still afloat. They also determined that the EPIRB was missing from the vessel’s sea shelter. Other mariners later reported the EPIRB in the harbor. 


threecollie said...

Only in Alaska right? lol

Rev. Paul said...

Marianne, I suspect that at least this time, the things encountered by the intrepid Unalaska officers could have occurred most anywhere. We had many calls like those when I wore a badge, anyway.