09 July 2015

Police Blotter: Some Alcohol, Some Not

Officers responded to a second-hand report that a woman was being harassed at a bar, and discovered instead that the woman had simply been trying to inform security officers that a man who was not allowed on Unisea property had been seen in the vicinity.

Officers responding to a reported assault discovered two men, one of whom was bruised and bloody, in company housing.  Both men insisted that nothing had happened.

Protective Custody/Mental
A man walked to UDPS and told officers that he wished to hang himself, and did not want to ask his parents for help because he always disappoints them. The man was ultimately taken into protective custody and evaluated by a behavioral health specialist. 

Assistance Rendered
Bar patron complained that she had almost tripped because it was dark outside her bar of choice. An officer relayed this information to bar staff, who subsequently turned on the outdoor lights. 

Welfare Check
Caller reported hearing yelling and screaming from a nearby apartment. Officers responded and found a couple had been arguing about taking out the trash, after which one of them slammed a few doors and left the apartment.

Officer saw [a man] stumble out of a liquor store with a brown-bagged bottle and into his parked vehicle. [The man], who was attempting to back out of his parking space by the time the officer reached his door, was unable to perform field sobriety tests and was subsequently arrested for Driving under the Influence. 

Complaint about feral felines spraying on parked vehicles and performing other natural functions in a parking lot. 


PioneerPreppy said...

Other than the feral felines I think all were more than likely still alcohol related.

Rev. Paul said...

PP, it's possible. I got a kick out of the lady who needed police assistance to get into the bar; usually, it's the other way 'round.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

It may be a small town, but the residents still manage to lead "interesting" lives.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, "interesting" is a good way to put it. You mix a highly-mobile, itinerant population with long periods of boredom and alcohol ... well, the blotter speaks for itself.

Keads said...

Into the bar? Sheesh.

Rev. Paul said...

She wasn't drunk, Kelly; they hadn't turned on the exterior lights, and she tripped over something. "Drunk" came later. :)

Old NFO said...

Alcohol couldn't POSSIBLY have been a factor in the trip hazard... Nope... :-)

Chickenmom said...

Imagine being so out of it you have to ask for help to hang yourself? Sad.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, you're such a suspicious fellow! :) But you're also right; the report doesn't say she hadn't already been drinking.

Chickenmom, it's truly sad. I hope he got the help he needs.