05 July 2015

The 5th of July

As we take time to celebrate this Independence Day weekend, let us take time to remember and thank God for our forefathers - those brave men and women who pursued their God-given dream of a land of freedom from oppression, where each one could worship God without the dictates of the government/king.  

As we celebrate, may we also call to mind the covenants made with God at the inception of this country.  Let us reaffirm our commitment to God and the spreading of His Gospel of Salvation. - a city/nation set on a hill shining with the Light of the Gospel.  God called this nation into being.  Let us continue to call upon Him for Godly leadership in all areas - secular and the Church.  He is a covenant-keeping God.  

Today as we remember, may we too come into agreement and align ourselves with the 'pacts' of our forefathers as they laid forth the tenets of this great country.  Let us again affirm and declare that in God we trust; one nation UNDER GOD, and because of that (and only that) it has remained 'indivisible'.  God bless America - and this day, and every day, may America bless God.

* * * * *
Yesterday was a grey, rainy day, but the rain has been sorely needed, and no one is complaining. Today the sun is trying to come out, and the weatherman's calling for a high of 73 or so.

* * * * *
All of the alumni from my mom's high school have a single, annual reunion ... which is rather a nice thing, if you think about it. It gives everyone a chance to show up whenever they can, and the breakfasts, lunches and dinners are always well-attended.

That festivity was held yesterday, and it sounds like she had a reasonably good time. My class, never much on formalities (much less civility) hasn't tried to contact me since the 20th anniversary. Strangely enough, I haven't missed it.

I did notice, on the Book of Face (back when I was participating in that) that the class of '72 had a pages about their to-do for their 40th, but the class of '73 was nowhere to be found. Oh well, I wouldn't have gone even if they'd tried to find me.

* * * * *
We've stayed home this weekend, except for the usual shopping. I re-fueled and washed both cars this morning, and my wife is making burgers. We'll be grilling those, plus chicken breasts and some pork loin in just a bit.

* * * * *
I've never paid much attention, but there's an electric transformer at the back end of our driveway, in between two facing buildings. The fuse on top blew with a goodly bang and a flash of light at 9:30 this morning. I called it in, and the power was back on in 45 minutes. That's not a bad repair time, considering.

That's about all I have for now. Thanks for stopping by, my friends.


Anonymous said...

My high school is Class of '70. We have had 10 year reunions (I only officially attended '80) since then.
In 2010, a friend from out-of-town collected me for an informal gathering, because I couldn't afford the formal one. Had an okay time.
The movers-and-shakers on FB are setting up a 2015 reunion. I guess because between ten year gaps people drop like flies.


Rev. Paul said...

I hear you, Guffaw. We are getting to the age where that starts to happen. Certainly not to us, you understand ... but to others. :)