12 August 2015

Wild Bill: "Jade Helm Panic Attack"


Matt said...

I agree with him basically. But he was very unfair to the "panic types" and in all honesty, his attitude here angers me.

Just going off of what we've heard for the last 6 years:

"If you like your whatever you can keep your whatever"

Vets having their guns seized unfairly. Now social security types having theirs taken away.

Massive attempts in 2013 (after the school massacre) to ban weapons and many states enacting unconstitutional laws for gun registration and magazine limitations.

The purge in the military we've all heard about. The military openly endorsing and excepting homosexuals and silencing the chaplains.

Walmarts "if you see something, say something", with BIG Sister Janet delivering the message at the same time listing vets as terrorist threats along with white Christians and civilian gun owners and preppers.

Now toss in Walmarts closing multiple stores in ONE day with only hours notice claiming plumbing issues IN ALL STORES.

The fed .gov buying up massive amounts of ammo of ALL types. and in years since Obama stepped in buying up most of the long term storage emergency food form several companys.

The IRS targeting conservative and the DOJ refusing to prosecute.

I mean I can go on and on here. I was very careful to try and not get on the fear train with the JH 15 stuff. I don't listen to Alex Jones as he is a lunitic. But the Funny thing here is none those points above didn't originate on ALEX Jones, many were from other reputable sources, and talked about endless on many of the blogs we read and most importantly:

most of them mentioned and discussed by none other that MR. Bill in his videos usually from a point of view that would cause one to fear or become angry at what's going on in this nation.

Matt said...

sorry for the knee jerk response

Rev. Paul said...

Not to worry, Matt. I posted this one to start a conversation about Bill's point of view. I had thought of many of the points you raised, btw, and agree he seems unusually placid about things that are worth investigation.

ProudHillbilly said...

Zero concerns about Jade Helm per se. Maybe because I grew up watching tanks rumble past my grandmother's roses during summer training manuvers. While agencies under whack job federal control may WANT to do this or that, it would still require compliance from large numbers of our military and police.

I'm making ammo as fast as I can not because of Jade Helm but more because of concerns about living near places like Baltimore.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, that makes perfect sense. I suspect most of the concern stems from exercises in areas where troops aren't traditionally seen. On the other hand, the last couple of administrations haven't exactly inspired citizens with a lot of trust, either.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I have yet to listen to the video, as it would be rude to my wife, but I like Matt's point of view.

Rev. Paul said...

Ed, agreed. Matt raised some important points.

Guffaw in AZ said...

The boy cries wolf. And is ignored. But, when the wolf attacks often enough, it seems to be a reasoned response.


Rev. Paul said...

Accurate enough, Guffaw. But how wise are we if we don't respond? That remains to be seen.

Alec said...

His comments about AJ on this video are the most important point. Some of the people we think "are on our side" are actually either badly compromised or all-out liars.

The best liars tell you the truth most of the time. That's how they hook you.

Rev. Paul said...

Very good points, Alec. Thanks.