21 September 2015

And ... Another One

But not fatal this time, thank the Lord.

From www.ktuu.com:
Two people were injured in a plane crash near Knik Glacier Sunday afternoon, according National Transportation Safety Board chief Clint Johnson.
That's going to leave a mark.
The crash took place just before noon about 19 miles east of Palmer, 'where the glacier meets the river,' officials told Channel 2 News. 
"There were two occupants," Johnson said. "Both sustained minor injuries in the crash."
The plane has been identified as a single-engine Stinson 108, Johnson said.

Probably won't buff out, either.

The pilot of the crashed plane has been identified as 60-year-old Bruce C. Junes of Anchorage, according to a dispatch by Alaska State Troopers Sunday.

Troopers say that the crash was reported at about 12:24 p.m.

"LifeMed transported Junes to the Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage," troopers wrote in the dispatch. "The passenger was not injured in the collision."
And that's how you get 'em out.

Note: No disrespect is intended; I'm just happy that no one was killed, for a change.


Chickenmom said...

Glad no one was badly hurt, but how do they get that plane out of there?

Rev. Paul said...

With a larger helicopter, ma'am, if need be.