16 September 2015

Not Again

A de Havilland DHC-3T Turbine Otter carrying fishing guides and clients crashed on takeoff from East Wind Lake near Iliamna early Tuesday morning, killing three people. Five of seven survivors were flown to Anchorage for treatment.

Location of the crash, found here.

This is the plane involved in the crash; photo taken in June 2014, from the linked article.

This photo shows the left wing in a vertical position after the crash; from the linked article.

This is the same type of plane in which former Senator Ted Stevens was killed, in a similar accident in 2010. The article points out that while Otters have been involved in a number of deadly accidents in recent years, they remain a workhorse in the Bush fleet due to size and carrying capacity.

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Catherine1216 said...

This is so sad. Prayers for the families.