24 October 2015

Cold, Raining, and Breezy

Must be a weekend.

So we're going out to do our routine shopping run, plus a couple of other tasks. I'm taking my acoustic guitar to a local luthier to have the strings lowered a smidge, and to get more strings for the electric.

Speaking of guitars: my buddy and I have worked up a number of songs, and if I remember to do so, I'll prop up the iPhone and record us playing something. That ought to either drive the remaining readers away, or attract a crowd that thinks it's the Gong Show. :)

There's a bit of light in the sky now, but it's still a half-hour away from sunrise. The days are getting shorter more quickly now, as we accelerate toward the winter solstice. A lot of Alaskans struggle with the scant hours of daylight when that gets close, but fortunately we're not among them.

That's about all I have this morning, so I'll stop rambling and just thank you for stopping by. Have a great Saturday, folks.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

My three day a week route starts at 0330. From 0600 to 0800 I am driving East. The sunglasses are staying in their case longer and longer each day. So far the weather has been fog and rain but I'm sure snow will come soon enough.

Rev. Paul said...

Sunrise was 9:05 today, but we're losing nearly six minutes of light daily. Your whole morning drive, here, would be in the dark. So see? It could be worse.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I do understand. Back in the day I worked in Alaska in the winter.

PolyKahr said...

Rev. Paul, The weather here in Raleigh, NC is finally cooling down. We have had one day with a low of 49 degrees, and high in the upper 70s. But this summer was not as bad as some have been. Stay warm, my friend.

Grace and peace to you in all you do.


Rev. Paul said...

And the same to you, sir; it's good to hear from you again.