02 October 2015

Police Blotter: Rapscallions and Keys at Large

Officers were called to intervene in a drunken dispute over a cell phone. All parties were advised that the dispute was civil in nature and that the dispute would probably be irrelevant once the involved parties were sober.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported that a drunken individual had attempted to enter her vehicle while she and her children were inside. The individual issued several obscenities when she denied him access. Officers contacted the belligerent rapscallion who denied doing any of the reported activities. He was warned about his conduct.

Caller reported an eagle had flown into a vehicle’s windshield causing damage to both the eagle and the windshield. Officers were unable to locate either the eagle or windshield.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported that two male individuals were throwing items at passing runners. Officers responded and discovered that the reported activity was part of a local “color run.” The caller called back after the officers left the area to complain that the officers had not stopped the individuals from harassing the runners. When the caller was advised that the miscreants were acting as part of an organized activity, she advised this was “stupid.”

Caller reported that he believed that the wrong vehicle had been towed from in front of his apartment. It was found that the wrong vehicle was in fact towed. The vehicle was reunited with its grateful owner.

Officer found a sleeping man draped over the steering wheel of a running vehicle and quickly determined the driver was intoxicated. [The man], 44 yoa, of Pennsylvania, was subsequently arrested for felony Driving under the Influence.

[A man], 55 yoa, of Unalaska, was arrested for Assault IV-DV after his roommate told police [the man] had threatened to cut his tongue out and had then chased him while wielding a crowbar. Surveillance video confirmed the gist of the victim's story.

Public Safety
Officer advised a drunken man wobbling towards his vehicle that it might be to his benefit to take a taxi this night.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Security officer found drunken man sleeping in a company vehicle, and after rousting the man from the van discovered the keys were missing. Officers located the inebriate a short distance away, but the vehicle keys remain at large.

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