16 October 2015

Wonderful Computers, Part 2

So yesterday's glitch got corrected. Today's headache is a new one.

My old work e-mail address reflected the name of the former property owners. I created a new account this morning, with the new name in it. Then, of course, I sent a message to everyone in my address book to inform them.

The e-mail domain refused to deliver the messages, and accused me of being a spammer.

They all bounced back. Every. Single. Message.

Sigh ...


Ed Bonderenka said...

I feel your pain.
Yesterday we migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook AND changed domains.
Work phone had to be changed to a Blackberry server.
Idiots in IT ran an app that archived everyone's e-mails to a local hard drive in another town.
It's been 20 minutes since I typed that last sentence.
I just discovered I'm locked out of my phone.
May have to wipe it.

Rev. Paul said...

Wow, that's a major pain; you win.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I'm over computers and computer programs.

Rev. Paul said...

Says the woman who's using one to reply. LOL!