17 November 2015

Police Blotter: Oops

Liquor Law Violation
Officer advised three inebriates that they were too intoxicated to remain on a licensed premise. One of the three was arrested for Criminal Trespass II and Resisting Arrest when he refused to leave the bar and then wrested himself away from the arresting officer.

Ambulance Request
EMS personnel provided care and transport for an intoxicated man who had been immobile for about three days. 

Welfare Check
An intoxicated man complained that his brother had just returned from the clinic and was yelling at him. Officers found the alleged screaming brother asleep in his own bedroom.

Welfare Check
Dipsomaniac asked police to respond to his residence and help move his intoxicated brother out of the hallway. The intoxicated brother told the responding officer he could manage on his own, and subsequently scooted out of the hallway and into his own room.

A mistrustful girlfriend complained that she had received numerous non-threatening text messages from the brother of a girl who she believed was trying to steal her boyfriend. The investigating officer learned that the girlfriend had sent equally numerous text messages, and suggested to all parties that they just stop.

Domestic Disturbance
Officers investigated a noise complaint in a Unisea bunkhouse and discovered the clamor was due to a mother's berating her daughter's lifestyle choices. Alternative lodging for one of the women was offered but refused.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported an intoxicated shopper behaving oddly in the grocery store. An officer contacted the man, who was shopping very slowly, and determined his level of intoxication was not cause for concern.

Extremely inebriated caller reported being beat on the back of his head with a stick by an unknown assailant, in front of the Harbor View Bar. Unisea Security officers told officers the man had fallen and injured his head, after which they had taken him to his residence.

Drug Law Violation
Officer contacted a drunk sleeping on the stairs at the Harbor View Inn, and received a bindle of cocaine along with a driver's license when he asked the drunk for ID. [The man], 25 yoa, of Oregon, was arrested on one count of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance IV.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Drinking to excess is the pastime up there, eh?

Chickenmom said...

Immobile for three days? Yikes!!!

ProudHillbilly said...

I do like that last one. Careless much?

threecollie said...

"Just stop," what an incredibly profound concept. We could use more of it. lol

Rev. Paul said...

Ed, it seems to be something of contest in Dutch Harbor. Sad, that.

Chickenmom, as a former firefighter/rescuer/first responder, I was rather horrified by that. That had to be a close-to-fatal case of alcohol poisoning.

PH, I suspect it had far more to do with the level of inebriation than carelessness. I also suspect the inebriate in question did a lot of face-palming once he was aware of what he'd done.

three-collie, it's a point of curiosity whether the Unalaska police have ever been nominated for sainthood.