03 November 2015

Police Blotter: What Were They Thinking?

[A man], 31 yoa, was arrested on two counts of Assault IV and one count Resisting Arrest after officers investigated a complaint about a hostile employee. [He] had threatened two security officers and shoulder-butted one of two arresting officers.

Traffic Crime
A possibly intoxicated driver stopped behind an off-duty officer and honked at him, drove around him and into a ditch and then continued through a residential area before stopping his vehicle on the side of the road and fleeing on foot. The driver was tentatively identified but could not be located in the area or at his home. Under investigation.

Domestic Disturbance
Officers responded to a residence at which an argument between a man and his wife had escalated from yelling at one another to throwing things. The husband was ultimately ordered to leave the premises; the wife was given information about obtaining a protective order to ensure her safety in the future.

Welfare Check
An intoxicated man phoned police to report he was with another, even more intoxicated man and was worried this second inebriate might fall into the water while trying to step from the dock to his boat. Officers responded and attempted to help the second inebriate onto his boat, only to have him step from dock to air. The hold officers had on him prevented him from going fully into the water. He was eventually loaded onto his vessel and turned over to a sober third party.

Fire Response
Fire personnel responded to the Elementary School after a fire alarm was activated at that location. Subsequent investigation indicated that helium balloons inside the school had blocked some requisite transmissions between sensors and alarm panel, triggering the false alarm.

Release Conditions
[A man], 29 yoa, of Washington, was arrested for Violation of Conditions of Release after an off-duty officer observed him drinking a beer at the Harbor View Bar. [The man], who later submitted to a breath test to prove he had not been drinking, was found to have alcohol in his system.

Domestic Disturbance
An intoxicated man told police that his wife's belligerent behavior necessitated him kissing her behind. Officers responded to the residence and found that both inebriated parties had already gone to bed.


ProudHillbilly said...

Those poor cops must live in a perpeptual state of face palm.

Chickenmom said...

Always good to have a sober third party around...

Rev. Paul said...

PH, that's probably a good way to describe it.

Chickenmom, I think that's true of many things in life. :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Unalaska is world famous thanks to one person's writing skills. Of course, the inhabitant's ability to provide fodder helps.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, it's certainly a target-rich environment for Sgt. Shockley's talent.