21 November 2015

Snowy Day

Anchorage received five or six inches of snow overnight - the third snowfall of the season - and it remains grey and overcast. The driving this morning was fun, as side roads don't get plowed for a two or three days. It's hard to find a stretch of undisturbed snow in the city, as some of the more enthusiastic 4x4 owners will head out at the drop of a snowflake, to be first to leave tracks.

But we did our routine winter shopping, and filled up gas tanks, ran the snowthrower through our driveways (plural, because our daughters live next door), ate lunch, and then headed back out.

I hadn't had a chance to drive my wife's new SUV in snow until now, because the last two snowfalls have been on workdays. But since this one's on a Saturday, it was off to the races. :)

Her studless snow tires grip on packed snow and ice like cleats; I wouldn't have believed it if you'd told me that before we bought them. But there are some surfaces where those tires work better than my studded versions. On the other hand, mine recovers from a skid a bit faster. Nothing dramatic, just a roundabout with some loose, chewed-up snow about halfway 'round.

But now all the chores are done, and we're going to kick back and scan the DVD cabinet for any movies we haven't watched recently.

Y'all stay warm - or cool - as the case may be, and thanks for stopping by.


Cathy said...

We're getting our first snow. It's pretty. Clinging to the branches. Perfect packing snow :)
You stay cozy, too :)

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Cathy. Enjoy the snow, if you can. :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Power out earlier, couldn't drive up a slight grade, power back on.

Chickenmom said...

I love the first snowfall - it's magical!
But by the time March rolls around....

Rev. Paul said...

Sorry to hear that, Ed. I trust y'all are okay now? A friend's power was off on Thursday due to the tornadoes & t-storms in Mississippi, and her 'net is still wonky.

Chickenmom, we get a lot of magical snows, and the deeper the better. But yes, once the Iditarod is over in mid-March, we're ready for breakup. Sometimes, though, that's not until late April.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Nothing better than testing the wife's new vehicle and tires in the snow. No snow here yet, it's suppose to snow possibly this weekend here.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, I hope whatever snow y'all get down there doesn't amount to much.