13 November 2015

Victim Selection Failure

APD: Store owner single-handedly takes gun, then knife from attempted robber

The owner of a West Anchorage smoke shop stopped an armed robbery by grabbing the robber’s gun and knife and pinning the assailant to a counter top, police say.

The botched robbery was reported at 7:20 p.m. Thursday at Smoke 4 Less at 3020 Minnesota Drive, police said. Tonya Holler, 33, walked into the store and acted as if she was going to buy something.

Holler was wanted by police for robbing two coffee stands. Police say Holler then pulled a handgun from her purse and demanded cash from the register.

The store owner, who told KTUU her name is Young Jun, put her hands up and stepped away from the counter, police said.

Here’s what happened next, according to the APD account:

Holler came around the counter and began taking money from the cash drawer. Yun, the store owner who was alone in the shop, grabbed the handgun. The two women struggled over the weapon, but Jun was able to seize it and threw it on the floor.

That’s when Holler pulled out a hunting knife and tried to stab Jun. Jun grabbed the knife and, after a struggle, threw it on the floor as well.

Jun says her husband is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and teaches her self-defense. [Emphasis added - Ed.] She pinned Holler to the counter top according to police.

Jun pushed a panic button during the encounter and had yelled for help during the struggle, police say.

Workers at a beauty shop next door heard the screaming and called 911. They also flagged down a patron leaving a nearby restaurant who happened to be acquainted with Jun. The young man helped Jun control Holler until police arrived.

That was more of a Tae Kwon Don't, I think.  :)

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