27 December 2015

A Great Evening & a Good Day

Long-time readers will know that we've been on sabbatical from church ministry for some time, now. That was after 20 years of being music ministers and associate pastors.

The couple with whom we were co-associates at the last church have been visiting Anchorage, after 10 years in Florida. We were able to connect with them last night, and it was like no time had passed. The conversation flowed like wine, as the saying goes, and their kids are now old enough to enter in.

So there were eight of us just babbling like magpies for several hours. I'm sure the folks in the coffee shop who were there to simply read were less than thrilled with the hubbub. Gee, that's too bad. :)

It was a really good visit with them.

* * * * *

Our weather is taking a strange turn: AccuHunch thinks we'll have strong winds, slowly increasing throughout the day, and peaking at 65 to 80 mph overnight into tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, tonight's snow forecast will change to rain tomorrow. Then we're to have several periods of rain/freezing rain/wintry mix throughout the coming week, with highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s. Yay.

* * * * *

Today will be a quiet day, we hope, with not much to do other than some laundry. Older Daughter and I will spend some time wandering through Cabela's today, too.

I appreciate all y'all stopping by, friends. Thank you.


Cathy said...

Nothing quite as precious as catching up with old friends and "babbling like magpies." :)

(Those winds sound pretty wild. Hope you've stayed anchored down0

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, it was as if no time at all had passed, and - if anything - the bonds are stronger now than then. It was precious, indeed. And the winds don't worry us ... much. :)

Rob said...

Padre, its always great to connect with friends we haven't seen in years.
We have several groups of folks here in town who meet every day at the Market Cafe, or Dairy Queen for breakfast, or lunch. I would love to be a fly on the wall to listen to what they talk about. Some even play cards. Of course at the Market they have free coffee.

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, agreed. I'm 3,500 miles from anything resembling a "home town", and have no close friends locally. Last night's get-together just hammered home how wonderful a shared history is.

Brigid said...

Having those times to connect with those who have crossed our paths and touched our hearts are rare. Enjoy.

Old NFO said...

Those are great times! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Brigid, you're so right. It's been 10 1/2 years, and they're now nearly 4,000 miles away. Rare, and precious, are the right words.

NFO, they are, indeed.

Guffaw in AZ said...

It's said that's how one knows true friends - you pick up where you left off as if no time had passed!
Good for you and them!


Rev. Paul said...

gfa, I couldn't agree more.