02 December 2015

Hump Day - Not Feelin' It

I admit to being wrong about last night's post: some folks did get to the end, and even left comments. Just the same, I'll hold off for a few days before continuing (if I ever do). Because, let's face it: it's just a bunch of car pics, and they don't mean much to anyone else.

I mentioned, in the comments there, that vehicles purchased since entering the married state, that our cars have gotten increasingly better in terms of quality - mostly - and I even have pictures of most of them. That was a lesson learned the hard way, after realizing I'd not taken any shots of the Super Bee. My sister thinks she has one, somewhere, but hasn't found it yet.

And there was something about cars in the pre-elect

Again, I can't really imagine all those pictures holding much interest for anyone else.

* * * * *

It's been a busy morning, so far, and includes a mistake. I opened some orange-scented air freshener in my office. Seemed like a good idea at the time, and promised citrus-y freshness.

Until I spilled some.

Now the office smells like a French bordello, if there were one in an orange grove. Oops.

Oh, well ... y'all have a great day. :)


Vicki said...

Your car pictures may not hold much interest for others, but each one has a story. Like the old Jeep my Dad had. It makes me laugh remembering how my sister made Dad drop her off a block from school so nobody would see her ride. Me...right up to the front door. Or the Studebaker work car he had that I begged to drive. Or the aqua blue car with the huge back fins (Plymouth?) that I ran out of oil and hatched the engine, tearing around on the back roads when a teen. Cars are memories.

Rev. Paul said...

"Cars are memories."

That's as good a way to describe it as I've ever heard. :)

Peter said...

A French bordello in an orange grove? Unpossible! A bordello can never be fruitful!


drjim said...

Please continue with the car pictures!

I've posted my automotive history before, but never with PIX!

Rev. Paul said...

Peter - it is ... to groan. Wish I'd thought of that one. :)

Jim- you've got it. I will dig out pics of the actual cars, going forward. May not have all of them, but I'll do my best. Thanks!

Guffaw in AZ said...

This is YOUR blog!
Write whatever pleases/annoys you!

Every blog I follow I do so because I get something out of it.
And, I'm forever amazed anyone bothers to stop by my little blog.

But, it's my blog.

If it no longer amuses you, stop.
But, you WILL be missed, and we will remain friends...


Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, unlike some earlier posts wherein I mused about quitting, that's not a current issue. :) I was only wondering whether my reminiscences about the long string of cars I've owned was of any interest to others.

I think that's been answered (thankyouverymuch) and it will continue after I've gone through hundreds of old photos & dug out pics of my cars, rather than internet examples.

But your point is well-taken. Thank you, my friend.