12 December 2015

Same Old, Same Old, But Something New Was Added

We did our usual Saturday morning shopping run, but with an addition.

Since our daughters moved out, we've taken on a new tradition: if it's snowing on Saturday morning, or is going to snow, we go out for breakfast.

There was snow in the forecast this morning, so I had a wonderful ham and cheese omelet, with hash browns on the side. They don't sell grits, dang it. But the snow had begun by the time we ate, and we drove in increasingly heavy snowfall for the rest of the morning. At times, visibility was down to only 40 or 50 feet, and only then if you squinted real hard. :)

But it's over now, and we're back home. Groceries are unpacked, we're in comfy lounging attire, and putting our feet up in front of the fireplace.

Thanks for stopping by, friends.


PioneerPreppy said...

Personally when it snows is when I stay home but I guess when ya live in Alaska you kinda hafta have a different stay at home scenario line up :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

I went out, no hat, light jacket open and cleaned gutters, raked leaves out from under the shrubs and mowed those leaves.
Michigan: If you don't like the weather, it'll be different tomorrow.

ProudHillbilly said...

And then there'll be fish flies...

Guffaw in AZ said...

Sounds like a delicious b'fast!


Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, if we don't go out when it's snowing, it's going to be LONG winter. And we have this powerful need to buy groceries every once in awhile. :)

Ed, we get the odd warm day in winter, too, but that's in the 30s or (shudder) low 40s when it ought to be much colder. One of the things we like about living here is that the temp swings are usually much slower than they are, farther south.

PH, one of the reasons we like the really harsh winters is that it keeps the black flies & mosquitoes from being so numerous in the following summer.

gfa, it wasn't bad at all. :)

drjim said...

My wife just absolutely loved it when it snowed on our Thanksgiving trip to Colorado.

For me, it brought back memories of growing up in Northern Illinois.

Fort Collins doesn't get as much snow as Joliet, Illinois, so I'm sure it won't drive me bonkers like it did back in Illinois.

You'd just finish getting the driveway and sidewalk shoveled when the plow would come by and make a pile that blocked the driveway, and spilled over onto the sidewalk!

Or it would be light fluffy snow that blew and drifted like crazy, and you'd have to shovel your way out of the garage to get to the driveway....

Rev. Paul said...

Jim, we usually get the fluffy kind that looks like there was an explosion in a goose down factory. It's not unheard of to get 28" or 30" of that, several times in a winter.