26 January 2016

Police Blotter: Back to Their Old Tricks

An aggressive, drunken bar patron pushed a security officer after being asked to leave the bar due to his level of intoxication. The aggressive inebriate was advised that he would be arrested if he returned to the bar this night.

Drunk Disturbance
Grocery store clerk reported a drunken customer was creating a scene at the checkout counter. The man, who was tentatively identified, had already fled the area by the time officers arrived.

Drunk Disturbance
Officers mediated a dispute between two roommates, one of whom was intoxicated, who were unable to be in the same room without arguing. One of the men, who had threatened to kill the other one in his sleep by bashing his head in with a television, was moved to another room.

Officers responded to Westward Seafoods regarding an alleged assault and learned that one drunken roommate had created numerous problems for fellow occupants, and had injured himself as he stumbled and kicked his way around the room.

A belligerent drunk who was upset about being removed from the Harbor View Bar made numerous homicidal threats before standing on the side step of a taxi in order to punch an officer in the face. [The man], 26 yoa, of Anchorage, was subsequently arrested on one count of Assault IV-LEO.

Assistance Rendered
The drunken roommate at Westward Seafoods continued to create problems, this time claiming that his wallet had been stolen by his roommates [even after having been moved twice due to his own belligerence]. The other roommates all consented to a search of their belongings; the drunk's wallet was not found.

Drunk Disturbance
Drunken brother reported his equally intoxicated sibling was being loud while they were watching television. An officer told both of the legal adults to be quiet.

Noise Disturbance
Third party call regarding noise from a bunkhouse room. An officer found two drunken men, one of whom was only partially dressed, having a heated argument in a room lit only by a black light. The shirtless man complained of having been beaten with a pillow by his friend, but reported no injuries as result of said assault. The officer advised the men they could be charged with a crime if the loud noise continued unabated.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Judgement Juice City, or have I said that before?

Rev. Paul said...

You've mentioned it, sir, but it bears repeating. :)

Chickenmom said...

Pillow fight!!!

Rev. Paul said...

With a black light, Chickenmom. I haven't even seen a black light since about 1974. :)