20 January 2016

Police Blotter: Do You Have Insurance?

Marijuana Enforcement
Officers investigated a report of an individual attempting to sell marijuana at a local drinking establishment. The suspect denied any such entrepreneurial escapades.

Fire Response
Fire officers responded to a report of a hiker stuck on a cliff face. Rescuers set up a top line and rappelled to the hiker. He was safely lowered 100’ to the ground.

Complainant requested assistance with stopping an unknown individual from moving the log he uses for a property line. Officers contacted surrounding neighbors and asked them to assist in located the offending log mover.

A bewildered man reported being struck in the face by a housemate who was once his good friend, and said he did not wish to pursue charges against him.

Assistance Rendered
A snapped chain resulted in a crane toppling off the back of a lowboy trailer and falling onto some concrete barriers. Officers provided traffic control while the debris field was cleaned. No injuries were reported.

Caller reported he and a friend were being threatened by a drunken coworker. Investigation revealed that the suspect had asked his coworkers if they had insurance, in the event they needed stitches. Officers advised the drunken suspect that continuing his behavior could result in criminal charges. Plant security provided alternative housing so the men would not need to interact with one another.


Chickenmom said...

Well if they don't hurry up and sign up for Oblama Care, the are going to get fined!

Rev. Paul said...

I'd write "LOL" or "ROFL", except it's not funny anymore. :(

drjim said...

I thought pot was legal up there....

Rev. Paul said...

Jim, possession of less than an ounce for personal use - at home - has been legal for some 30 years. The new laws for widespread usage haven't gone into effect yet, and individual towns can regulate whether it can be smoked in public buildings.