20 February 2016

A Lot of Miles

driven today, but it's a start. About 120 miles today, to see homes in several communities along the route north.

One was an immediate, "Oh, no no no no no. No!"

Two were so-so, but one of those was WAY to far from Anchorage to make daily driving comfortable for us.

Don't get me wrong: hundreds of thousands of folks live much farther away, and happily commute to Anchorage every day. But we've done that for years, back in the Midwest, and don't care to do again.

 But the last one was a spectacular specimen. We'll arrange a formal viewing, and see if the second impression is different from the first.

Of course, the one we really, really like isn't available until mid-May, but what the heck. Good things are worth waiting for, right?

Right. So this is me, trying to be patient. :)

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