15 February 2016

Just a Few Thoughts

Very light traffic this morning; kind of a nice change of pace. How light? There were a couple stretches on the highway when I could use high beams. That almost never happens.

I was beginning to think my constant fatigue was indicative of a health problem, until finding out that everyone is having the same issue. I maintain it's the lack of winter (no snow, no cold weather).

All of the arrangements for the upcoming April vacation have been made. Older Daughter and I will be putting plenty of miles on the rental car. :)

There has been sudden, fairly sharp increase in the number of shootings and other violent crimes in southcentral Alaska. I was going to say "in Anchorage", but we're not alone. Again, the lack of inclement weather has allowed the bottom-feeder element to take advantage of the long nights. Although the nights aren't as long as they were a couple of months ago, they're still long enough to allow for plenty of mischief.

Unsurprisingly, people here are talking about how the quality of life in Anchorage has "suddenly" soured.  I submit, Gentle Reader, that the criminal element has always been here; it's just that they're feeling empowered.

It also doesn't help that the local news keeps hammering on how the local PD has shrunk a bit. Mostly, it's the worsening economy that's kept officers from working overtime. I've always maintained that if you have to consistently work overtime to get the job done, it's either a) poor planning by management, or b) need to hire more workers.

In this case, however, it seems the Muni of Anchorage has been relying on State grants and other monies to hire additional officers and fund overtime. That source has dried up.

All of this forces the Municipality to show its cards, and clearly display where its priorities are. If the money isn't going to public safety (an essential service), then one must follow the money and discover where it does go.

I have a feeling many won't like the answers.

Like many, we mourn the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. It's sad to say that he was the most staunch Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court. It's probably safe to guess that whomever is nominated to replace him won't be of the same quality.

I pray I'm wrong.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Let us pray.
Let Congress stand strong.

And thank you. Maybe it is Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
I've been wondering if it was health also.
Of course losing your job can affect your sleep too!
Before you ask, I've had interviews and a ton of leads.
I'm afraid I might accept the wrong one.
Like last time :)

Rev. Paul said...

Lord, we pray that you guide Ed's decision-making, and unmistakably close the door to every job but the one You want him to accept. In Jesus' name, amen.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Amen. Thank you.
New post up.

Max said...

If a municipality, or government at any level, has to really show where the money went/is going it's cause for some amazing drama. Here in the big city, they are trying to hire additional officers to handle the growth we have been experiencing for years. Qualified applicants are the problem, just as they are for any business.

It's warm here, but this and next month are the heavy snowfall months. People forget because it's always so nice in between storms. Sure seems odd that you aren't having a real winter, it's just not Alaska in my mind without big snow and cold.

ProudHillbilly said...

Unreflective brown meaning that you don't get the light you would if snow was there to reflect it?

Rev. Paul said...

Max, I doubt City Hall here would ever disclose where all the money goes, short of an AK Supreme Court order and investigators protected by State Troopers.

We should be having the coldest, snowiest weather of the year right now, but it's to be in the mid-30s all this week, with lots of sunlight.

PH, that's correct. We're sunlight-deprived as is, and the long hours of darkness with bare ground just makes it worse.

Old NFO said...

Good luck finding out, but I'm betting the 'entitlement' crowd IS getting all of their money... Sigh

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, you're probably right.