10 February 2016

Supreme Court Blocks Obama's Climate Change Plan

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court dealt a blow to President Obama's signature climate change initiative Tuesday by halting the administration's effort to reduce pollution from coal-fired power plants while a legal battle rages on.

The move by the court's five conservative members was a shock to environmentalists, who had hoped the justices would deny -- as a federal appeals court did last month -- a petition filed by 29 mostly Republican-led states and industry leaders.

Now the Environmental Protection Agency must halt enforcement of the so-called "Clean Power Plan" until the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit decides on the merits of the GOP-industry lawsuit against it. Oral arguments are set for early June.

Follow the link to read the rest. Me? I'm feeling just a little better about the world, now.

A little.

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