23 March 2016

Future Anchorage Elections to be Done Primarily By Mail

From today's Alaska News Dispatch:

Assembly approves vote-by-mail for future elections

In a 9-2 vote late Tuesday night, the Anchorage Assembly approved an ordinance that directs future city elections to be mainly conducted as vote-by-mail contests.

The change would mean that starting in the 2017 election, unless otherwise decided by the Assembly, the city would offer a few accessible voting centers in place of the current 122 precincts, Moser* said. Voters can return ballots by mailing them to the city with a first-class stamp, leaving them at one of the voting locations or putting them in a drop box.

Elections officials have cited high voting numbers elsewhere in the country where mail balloting takes place to justify the switch.

Proponent cite reports from other cities showing a much higher voting rate; opponents worry about fraud.

Not to worry, say the backers: there will be a signature verification process. Because that won't add layers of complication, tie up city workers, or take any time at all.

Yeah, right. Sigh...

* Not further identified in the story, so readers have absolutely no idea who "Moser" is. 


ProudHillbilly said...

I foresee a lot of lost mail at crucial times.

Rev. Paul said...

Oh yes, there's that. Just another of many potential problems.